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About Us

We’re all about the ‘Big Picture’, in case you’ve been wondering what EXOPIC means. The ability to visualize and display ideas that have never been conjured and deliver messages that have a powerful impact for your customers is what we are renowned for.

Our years of digital expertise and industrial exposure has what attributed to us being the best Digital Marketing & Advertising company in Delhi. We are a leading 360-degree Creative Media Agency that is involved in online as well as offline projects for SMEs and other large-scale businesses. Numerous brands have trusted us to take their business to greater heights. Join us today for a prosperous tomorrow!


SEO Service

Leverage the power of search engines through organic SEO optimization service expanding from on page and off page, local and international SEO service.

 PPC Advertising

Launch cost effective PPC advertising campaign to target and encash your customers and audience on search engines and display Ad network websites.

 SMO Service

An attractive social media profile can leave a memorable impression on your audience. Hire Exopic Media Pvt Ltd for social media management.

 Website Design

Get fully functional, robust and cost effective website design service for your business or e-commerce store and target online audience and shoppers.


Creatives are easier to memorize than text. Get attractive graphics for website or marketing campaign that connects and sells to your audience easily.

 Lead Management

Leads are the main aim of a marketing campaign. Our lead management experts help you drive targeted leads for business at minimum CPA.

 ORM Management

Online reputation is a necessary part of brand building strategy. Our ORM management packages are aimed to deliver a trustful online reputation and PR.

 Video Marketing

Video Marketing communicates what texts can’t do. We are an experienced explainer video production company to launch a memorable video marketing campaign.

 Data Analysis

Data analysis is crucial to know the mistakes in existing growth strategy and improvement opportunities. Our data experts help you know growth scopes and cost cutting techniques.

Why Choose Us?

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency is always a Herculean task for entrepreneurs trying to leverage their brand recognition online and increase revenue. So what is unique about Exopic Media then? Simple! We simplify the complexities of marketing & advertising! We stand out from the crowd by implementing a holistic approach taking in to account your organizational values, the circumstances and challenges you face day to day in your business. It’s not just about selling your products and services, its about what you as an organization are, beyond selling!

We focus on how you can add value to your customers, engage them, build deeper relationships of mutual trust & respect. This is why we are audacious enough to assure you the best Digital Marketing service in Delhi as well as the best Digital Advertising service in Delhi.

  1. Campaigns that Focus on Client Satisfaction
  2. Result Oriented Marketing Solutions
  3. Efficient Time Management
  4. Team of Experienced Professionals
  5. Seasoned Players in Handling International Clients
  6. Customized Industry Solutions



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